VMWare based Cloud solutions

Discover Flexible Computing Advanced, VMware cloud solution provided by Orange

VMware technology

Time-tested by most Cloud users, VMware is today the leading technology provider in the Cloud Computing market. As VMware technology might be more appropriate for your requirements, workloads or applications, OCB provides you with VMware dedicated offers, which can be hosted on Public, Hybrid, or Private Cloud services.

Amongst other benefits, VMware technology can help you ensure the supportability of your applications. These applications may be provided by VMWare partner Software vendors, or developed by customer in-house IT teams. Moreover, VMware offers are based on a vast and mature Ecosystem which is Legacy applications friendly.

This portfolio includes managed Infrastructure, operating system and applications services. Additionally, these are supported by a wide range of professional services designed to accompany our customers during all the steps of their migration to the Cloud.

Discover more about our VMware based portfolio, tested and approved by more than 80 of our international customers, based across all OCB Cloud Services.


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Flexible Computing Advanced International

VMWare based Orange Cloud solution

Flexible Computing Advanced (FCA) is a Cloud Services solution designed for large and medium sized enterprises, who have business activities in the Asia Pacific region. It provides scalable compute and network services, with a high degree of performance and security. FCA is a multi-tenant environment on a mutualized platform. This enables Customers to profit from a shared and costs-saving environment, whilst enjoying complete privacy for their systems and data.

Each Customer environment can be managed by either the Customer, or Orange. The Cloud services are enhanced by Orange Network and Orange Security services and can be customized depending on Customer requirements.


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Build and deploy your own virtual datacenter with hight availability level

Bringing value from Vmware vCloud Director and from a dedicated and redundant pool of resources (CPU, RAM, Storage, Security), FCA enables each Customer to build and deploy their own virtual datacenter. 99.95% service availability, flexible capacity management and business continuity services, allow Customers to safely and quickly manage their workloads such as web applications and critical applications. This enables the provision of an optimized working environment for their Information Systems.

Current use cases include Customer in house services migrated to FCA as well as Customers providing Cloud Services to their Customers.

FCA technology provides maximum reliability, based on platform redundancy. Disaster Recovery and off site backup is available between sites between  Hong Kong & Singapore, as well as between our two fibre linked sites located on the opposite sides of Sydney, Australia. The data centres are all certified Tier III +

Finally, Flexible Computing Advanced is certified AFNOR ISO 20 K, ensuring high quality supporting processes and services.

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