Management Tools and Portals

Services of the Flexible Engine cloud offering provided by Orange

The Customer Care for Flexible Engine

Managing your flexible Engine’s account.

The Customer Care for Flexible Engine’s is a secured environment from which the user can manage is account. Customer’s enterprise and contact information management, User access, privileges and credential management are easy to manage. Access to Flexible Engine’s Console, Invoices, ticketing, dashboards and Ordering of additional services are also available there.

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The Flexible Engine Console

Simple, central management console to your worldwide cloud

The Flexible Engine Console is the main web portal to manage all services. Using the Console, the user can create, configure, monitor and managed all on-line services. The Console is connected to all international regions of Flexible Engine global cloud which helps users to supervise activated services globally.

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Cloud Eye

Monitoring service for Flexible Engine cloud services

Cloud Eye (CES) is a monitoring service that offers an additional alarm function. Monitoring is automatically activated when setting up services. The dashboard shows activity by user in real time. Rules defined via the alarm function should avoid incidents but if a trouble is registered, the system send an email or SMS. Cost depends on configured rules and the addition of incidents.

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Resource Template Orchestration

Managing your flexible Engine’s account

“HEAT” is an API which gives tech users an easy way to manage the architecture and resource deployment of multiples Engines. It helps to describe the system dependencies, runtime parameters required to run an application. HEAT automates the deployment and is reusable. Heat calls Flexible Engine’s API based on OpenStack.