Support Services – Flexible Engine

The Flexible Engine offer comes with a range of support services to help you manage your Public Cloud and meet the availability needs of your infrastructures.

Support Services for Flexible Engine customers

Support tailored to your needs

Looking for details on Flexible Engine support levels ?

We offer four different levels of support

Weekly Webinars

Are you just getting started with Flexible Engine?

We host weekly webinars to help you learn how to manage the solution.


Want to find out more about your offer, report an incident, or contact customer service?

You’ll find all the information you need at our Help Center.

Coaching & Assistance

In addition to support services, we offer coaching to help you successfully implement your projects. Our cloud solutions experts – or “Cloud Coaches” – help onboard you with your new tools or roll out your projects.

Support Levels

The Flexible Engine offer has four different levels of support to suit your needs. The purpose of Flexible Engine support is to respond to incidents related to infrastructure services: availability of the platform, services, APIs, etc.

(1) A P3 incident is a minor problem with a limited impact on the client’s business and a workaround exists
(2) A P2 incident corresponds to a major and permanent loss with operations significantly affected by services and no workaround exists
(3) A P1 incident corresponds to a complete, permanent loss of services with a severe business impact and no workaround exists

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