Elastic Cloud Server

Compute service, part of Flexible Engine by Orange Business Services

Reliable and secure on-demand virtual machines via API

This service allows you to create cloud servers on demand. Choose from a selection of flexible instances to create the servers your applications need, whether for Big Data, ERP or websites.

Elastic Cloud Servers are virtual machines with computing and memory resources as well as an operating system. These resources are automatically linked to monitoring, backup, load balancing, networking, security and storage capabilities.
Together, these services enable you to securely set up a functional and accessible server online or through a dedicated console, in just a few clicks.

You can start, stop or resize VMs using the Flexible Engine Console or use the solution’s own API.

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Elastic Cloud Server offers you multiple on-demand features

  • Selection of templates (web, computing, memory, Big Data, ERP and GPU)
  • Selection of disks (standard, high-performance, temporary)
  • Private and public images (Linux, Windows, RED HAT, SUZE)
  • Public and private IP addresses
  • Virtual private cloud
  • Secure login (access to instances via Key Pair and SSH)
  • Resizing
  • API and documentation


A selection of templates for diverse needs

Bursting Templates (T)
These small templates are suitable for applications with low demands
Standard Templates (S)
These templates are designed for most applications in production
Memory-Intensive Templates (M)
These templates are designed for your memory-intensive production applications (vCPU to RAM ratio of 1/8)
Computing-Intensive Templates (C)
These templates are designed for your computing-intensive production applications (vCPU to RAM ratio of 1/2)
Big Data Templates (D)
These templates are specifically designed for Big Data computing and mass storage. You can use them to create VMs of up to 48 vCPU, 440 GB of RAM and 24 x 1.8 TB of temporary high performance storage. These servers are equipped with high-performance local access and extremely high bandwidth.
Graphic & Video Templates (G)
These templates include GPU (graphics processing unit) resources. They are particularly suited to video, streaming or scientific computing needs
Virtual machines are billed by the minute from startup to shutdown.

Cloud Servers use a system disk based on Elastic Volume Service (EVS) and one of several different operating systems.



Elastic Cloud Servers use Openstack security modules that provide complete isolation from the virtual server as well as logical firewalling. You control the dataflows, ports and IP addresses associated with each server.

In addition to this software security, the platform is protected by three Security Operation Centers (perimeter security, operational security, and anti-DDoS).


The infrastructure has an availability rate of 99.9% (99.95% for regions with multiple datacenters). Data disks are replicated three times, ensuring the safety of your data.

The VM self-recovery feature ensures that your system automatically reboots if the cloud instance should fail


Resources can be deployed in minutes and can be modified at any time. You can also take advantage of horizontal, auto-resizing services to adjust your resources in real time to the needs of your servers.

Case study

Example of a secure structure for a traffic-intensive e-commerce application, entirely hosted on Flexible Engine