Compute service part of Flexible Engine by Orange Business Services.

Automate the sizing of your ressources

Auto-scaling uses your resizing policies to automatically scale the resources of a service depending on what monitoring says is needed. Resizing happens by adding or removing a VM.

It works using Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), which automatically adjusts the number of load balancer servers needed to process the load and distribute it.

The feature can be deployed on two datacenters in the same zone to randomly create servers on one or the other of your datacenters, offering you an active/active solution.

You can configure auto-scaling to react to the following:

  • Scheduled tasks
  • Regular tasks
  • Server use (monitoring metrics)

You can configure the size and limits authorized for resizing. This ensures that your servers work efficiently and in the best possible conditions


Elastic Cloud Server offers you multiple on-demand features

  • AS groups with configurable policies
  • Trigger configurable scaling actions (in/out) according to:
    • Calendar
    • Routine settings
    • Targets
  • Test connectivity and ECS status
  • Auto-scaling inter-AZ, single-region



Adjust your rules to fit your needs with a variety of customization options

  • Requirements for resizing (CPU, memory, network, etc.)
  • Minimum and maximum sizes for the auto-scaling group
  • Datacenters affected by the rules


Automatic integration with monitoring and load balancers allows you to set up simple, intelligent auto-scaling


You can set your scalability rules directly via the console