Private Cloud

Discover Private Cloud Solution the private IaaS  managed solution provided by Orange

Benefit from Orange’s expertise to build your virtual private cloud solution

Private Cloud Solution is a managed solution for automated management of infrastructure, middleware and IT applications.

Benefit from the experience of Orange as a customer information systems outsourcer complemented by his own experience as a large-scale service operator (Consumer, Video on Demand, Public Cloud or Private Virtual Flexible Computing , …) based on an advanced industrialization of its information system to build your private cloud solution.

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Become your own IT service provider with Orange Private Cloud Solutions

This service provided by Orange, including :

  • An overall methodology that accompanies your transition to the cloud to ensure its success, from initial study to operational implementation.
  • A pre-industrialized and pre-validated technological solution, open to both in-house and external services (multi-cloud hybridization)
  • An evolving services catalog from the infrastructure to applications that enable the long-term support of large customers in the progressive transformation of their IS into a service operator (internal or non-internal) anticipating the future needs of its business departments .

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Flexibility and Continuity

Beyond the technological aspects, Private Cloud Solutions is an accompaniment to the modernization of the Information System aimed at developing its agility and flexibility, thus enabling trades to market their offers faster (reduction of Time To Market) While reducing overall IT infrastructure costs.
This modernization is by no means a big bang: it is a question of making a transition to this new paradigm, and thus of proposing new services Cloud secure in perfect integration and continuity with the existing IS, in the spirit Of the Bi-Modal IT model advocated by Gartner.


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Approach & Accompanying methodology

An evolution of this major project can be conducted under the sole technical perspective, although the triggers such as processing infrastructure obsolescence or reduced costs are part of the course objectives. The purpose of such a project is indeed the real value it brings to the trades. We are now looking for RoV (Return on Value) more than RoI (Return on Investment).

The methodology used by Orange for this type of project includes phases of study, analysis of impacts and risks concerning the functional, organizational, economic, security and technological aspects.

After deploying your Cloud Multi-Cloud, Orange contributes to the success of your project, measured in terms of the value of your business, by accompanying you in its internal promotion.

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Technological solution and implementation

The strategy that contributed to the development of Orange Private Cloud Solutions was based on two fundamental concepts:

  1. Provide a pre-industrialized and pre-validated service offer invoiced for the use (mode OPEX) accessible through a portal to allow a rapid implementation by covering most of the needs of large companies both in terms of Technological and environmental support (migration, Template Factory, ITSM integration, …)
  2. Anticipate future needs by being flexible enough to adapt to the specificities expected by each client according to specific criteria related to its legacy, its businesses, the pace and location of deployments desired under two axes :
    • Opening to third-party IaaS services, both internal and external (Cloud Public such as Orange Flexible Computing (VMware), Orange Flexible Engine (OpenStack), Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure), enabling users to provide hybrid Better ratio performance / cost / security / speed of deploymen
    • The management of infrastructure services (provided as standard through a portal accessible to users) through APIs allowing support for new DevOps and PaaS application development and application architecture modes.

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The main bricks composing the solution:

  • A unique and customizable self-service portal for the entire infrastructure, regardless of the number of managed sites offering configurable and automated services from a catalog, which can also be operated by APIs, offering a range of service commitments (SLA) performance, availability, reactivity, recovery … adapted to different uses (from development to critical production) partitioned in a multi-tenant environment
  • An automation and orchestration layer running full services on private and public infrastructures: from basic IaaS (compute, network, storage) to the deployment of multi-tiers, multi-zone security, multi-cloud applications Interfaces with a CMDB via PaaS / DevOps
  • Capacity management to ensure the availability of resources and anticipate future needs
  • Integration with the company’s ITSM services as described by ITIL® to provide integrated processes for troubleshooting, troubleshooting, and change control.

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Private cloud solutions bring scalability to your IT while leveraging private cloud security

This strategy and these choices allow an optimal implementation of a Private Cloud in a “Think big, start small” approach: such a project can not be limited to responding to a few cases of immediate use. It is indeed a transformation project whose medium / long term target must be as wide as possible while allowing a rapid start on a limited initial scope based on concrete business projects that can immediately benefit from the characteristics of the Cloud. Private Cloud Solutions is a scalable solution that fully meets this approach.

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